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As the world’s leading producer of technologies for rail and commercial vehicle braking systems and sub-systems, Knorr-Bremse has a reputation for manufacturing products that offer outstanding safety, quality, reliability, customer benefits and resource-efficiency. It is our mission to keep developing sustainable mobility concepts for rail and road, and to achieve this we continuously expand our R&D activities in close collaboration with our customers.

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Sustainable product design

Knorr-Bremse does not leave the sustainability of its innovations up to chance – it systematically integrates sustainability into the process of creating a new product, from the initial vision right through to product development, manufacture and marketing. Ideas for new products are assessed using a scorecard based on sustainability criteria such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction, safety, materials, life cycle costs and ease of maintenance. This is followed by an approval process for research and development funding in which the management of the Corporate Responsibility department is involved. The outcome of this process is a product or service innovation that serves the requirements of customers and markets and at the same time offers substantial advantages in terms of sustainability.

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